Angkrit Anchoriyasophon
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    • Birthdate: 1976
      Birthplace: Thailand | Chiang Rai
      Gender: Male
      Lives and Works in: Thailand | Chiang Rai
         STUDIES B.F.A (Painting) Faculty of Fine Arts Chiang Mai University M.A (Media Arts)The School of Me
    • Biography

      2018 -ARTIST+FUN STUDIO, Charoen Krung 24, Bangkok, Thailand
      - Angkrit Gallery Bangkok, Speedy Grandma, Bangkok, Thailand
      2017 -Shades of Red, Gallery VER, Bangkok, Thailand
      2015 -Nice Meeting You : 1000 Rainbows, Mirai Market, Rikuzentakata, Japan
      -“Present Tense : nopastnofuturenoperfectcontinuou”, Schemata Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand2013 -“Constant Uncertainty”, 338OIDA Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

      -“The Elusive Memories”, RMA Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
      2010 -"Brightness of the past, Vagueness of the Present", GALLERY point-1, Okinawa, Japan 2009 -“12 hrs : relation in time 2009,” Mo Rooms, Chiang Mai, Thailand
      2008 -“Paradise Thailand,” People Space, Bangkok, Thailand
      -“Cultural Waste”, Rai Mae Fa Luang Museum, Chiang Rai, Thailand
      2005 -“AAAAAAA,” 9Art Gallery/Architect Studio, Chiang Rai, Thailand
      -“Archetype,” Akko Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
      2003 -“We Love Panda,” [sight-seeing], Umong Silppadhamma, Chiang Mai, Thailand
      -“Once upon a the future,” Numthong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
      2002 -“Chiangrai My Town,” Nostalgia, It’s cool Café, Chiang Rai, Thailand
      -“Chiangmai Cultural Cell,” 4 Temples & CMU Art Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand
      2001 -“Faces of Thai,” 9Art Gallery/Architect Studio, Chiang Rai, Thailand
      1997 -“No Junk Mail,” Otago Polytechnic Studio, Dunedin, New Zealand


      2018 -The Thick Lines Between Here And There, Owen James Gallery, New York
      -Asking Permission, Cartel Art Space, Bangkok, Thailand
      2017 -Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York, Heads or Tails? Uncertainties and Tensions in Contemporary Thailand
      2016-“Contour” Numthong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
      2015-“Small Works” ArtBridge ChiangRai, Thailand 
      -“Weatherproof” WTF gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
      -“Art From The Dhamma” Faculty of Buddhist Arts Maha Chulalongkorn Monastic College, Art Bridge, Chiang Rai, Thailand
      2014-“Tribute to Thawan Duchanee” ArtBridge, Chiang Rai, Thailand 
      2013 -“Dialogue the promise” (Thailand – Singapore)”CMU Art Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand -“A Tale of Two Cities”, Jingjai Market, Chiang Mai, Thailand



      Chiang Rai, Thailand, 1976.
      Lives and works in Chiang Rai and Bangkok.

      B.F.A (Painting) Faculty of Fine Arts Chiang Mai University
      M.A (Media Arts)The School of Media Arts and Design, Chiang Mai University

      -“ArtBridge ChiangRai 1st”, ArtBridge ChiangRai, Chiang Rai, Thailand
      -“Thresholds: Contemporary Thai Art”, SUNDARAM TAGORE, New York.
      2012 -“Welcome to Baan Dragon Okinawa”, Gallery Point-1, Okinawa, Japan
      -“Thai Trends from Localism to Internationalism”, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand
      -“Cut Thru - A View on 21st Century Thai Art”, ICA Gallery 1, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
      2011 -“Light Space Project 2011”, Gallery SeeScape, Chiang Mai, Thailand
      -“Gold Fieber”, SNO Gallery, Sydney, Australia
      -“RAW” Numthong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
      -“Chiang Mai Fest 2011” 3 Kings Monument, Chiang Mai, Thailand
      -“DIALOGUES”, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok,Thailand
      2010 -“Return Ticket: Thailand-Germany”, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok,Thailand -"20/20 TWENTY-TWENTY”, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok,Thailand
      -“Imagine Peace”, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok,Thailand
      2009 -"Portraits of the King... The Art of Iconography", Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand
      2008 -"Traces of Siamese Smile: Art+Faith+Politics+Love," Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand
      2007 -“Gentleman Simulacra,” Future of Imagination 4, Singapore
      -“Identity Thieves,” Gallery 4a - Asia-Australia Art Centre, Sydney, Australia
      2006 -“The Perfect English Gentleman,” Platform, Queen’s Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
      -“Soi Project,” Thai Art Festival, Paris, France
      -“Yoshitomo Nara+graf A to Z,” Hirosaki, Japan
      -“Temporary Art Museum Soi Sabai,” Rajata Art House, Bangkok, Thailand
      2005 -“Soi Project,”[Representation] Yokohama Triennale 2005, Yokohama, Japan
      2004 -“Welcome to Soi Sabai-Thailand in August,” Graf Media GM.,Osaka, Japan
      -“Here&Now,” About Studio/About Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand
      2003 -“Tiger's eye: ASSORTED ASIAN TIGERS,” proud camden gallery in London, England
      2001 -“Ritual,” Internationalem Wandertheater-Festival, Radebeul-Kotzschenbroda, Germany


      2015 -Rikuzentakata Artist in Residence Program 12 Nov-28 Dec, 2015, Rikuzentakata, Iwate, Japan
      2004 -Sorfinnset Skole, The Nordland Project, Norway
      -Aesthetics Community, Par Pai Village, Chiang Mai, Thailand

      2003 -The International Art Center, Alliance Francaise, Bangkok, Thailand
      2002 -International Artist Camp“Tradition to Modernity” [Katahanegara-Kedah Darul Aman], Malaysia
      2001 -Luegen Museum, Gantikow-Kyritz, Berlin, Germany
      1997 -Otago Polytechnic School of Art, Dunidin, New Zealand

    • Artworks
      • 13002

        Painting | Acrylic on canvas | 200 × 380 cm | 2013

      • 13047

        Painting | Acrylic on canvas | 190 × 290 cm | 2013